Harry Whitehead Films

Hello! Welcome to my website! I am a UK based Filmmaker, specialising in  Editing. I  have a strong passion for captivating storylines, behind the scenes content, as well as promo material, such as short teasers and trailers.

I have had a passion for filmmaking from an early age. What really got me interested in it was watching the "Special Features" of films that I had on DVD. 

I also have a love for historical films, stretching from the dawn on civilisation all the way through to the 2nd World War. It will always be a goal of mine to work on a film/tv series, set during World War 2.

In my spare time you will see me either perfecting my craft in filmmaking, learning about different cultures (I am currently studying Korean) or captivated by the world of football. I occasionally also try and write scripts, but creating a captivating world is a long process so these obviously take a long time to create.

Based in London, UK.