Job specification (100w)

The job I did on the set of “SCRABLE” was that of Production Assistant and Runner. When I was production assistant I was helping out with the casting audition process. My job role for that day was the make sure actors knew where they were going and to know when they were needed. I was the first point of call for the actors that were coming for auditions that day. The following week I was a runner on set. This role entailed me at the start of the day going to get food and drinks for the whole cast and crew plus making sure everyone had what they needed at specific times.


Self appraisal (400w)

I believe I was a valued member of production whilst on “SCRABLE”. The reasoning behind this is being that when called upon to do any task I was always ready and willing to go. Whilst working as production assistant I would make sure the actors were comfortable whilst they were waiting to be called through. I was friendly with all actors, greeted them and took them to the waiting area, asked if there was anything I could get them while they waited and got it for them if needed. I could have potentially have been a little more professional with them, as I sat talking to them in between auditions, however it was a very relaxed environment so I felt like I could talk to them and get to know the actors a little bit more.


When it came to being a runner on set I was always ready for any task I was asked to undertake. At the start of the day I was tasked with going to get all the food for the day. Breakfast food and drink, plus teas and coffees for all cast a crew. I had another runner with me who I coordinated with throughout the day to make the day easier for the both of us. After this I was tasked with moving equipment from the van into the location, this was a very simple task, and was praised by the onset producer as I used my initiative and asked if they needed a hand moving kit.


There wasn’t much more out of the way of making sure actors were comfortable so I wasn’t able to much more on set that day. However, I was tasked with a few errands here and there, at one point I had to print off actors agreements, so production had it in writing that the actors agreed to be in the film. I believe I did this in a swift and professional manner and was able to make sure the production didn’t run into any difficulties afterwards as a result.


Evaluation of Company in the Market Place (500w)

The Director of the film, and my main contact/mentor for “SCRABLE” was Anthony Hett. He is a writer/director that has been writing films since 2009, and his directorial debut short “Letters”, made in 2014, was selected and nominated in several film festivals. It’s safe to say that Anthony is only starting his career as a writer/director but so far is showing promise and has the ability to go far as a director.


In terms of the production company, Zebrafish Media, that made “SCRABLE” possible, they are a multi-award winning, international production company, with offices in London and New York City. They offer a variety of services to clients such as, short & feature length films, music videos and commercials.


They are a very reputable company, and their website shows this as it is very professional and very easy to navigate. They pride themselves on their ability to manage the “entire creative journey; from the initial ideas and concept development, production and finally post production in our cinema standard in house suite.” - This allows Zebrafish Media reach out to all kinds of clients from the very top of professional productions, to low budget independent films and/or commercials.


The USP of Zebrafish Media is that they will look after all aspects of the film. From the very conceptual ideas, they will work with you to make sure that your film blossoms into the gem the director wants. They’ll make sure that all parts of production run as smooth as possible, plus they’re a very genuine and friendly group of people. This makes it a lot whole lot easier for people to work with them as they will never make you feel intimidated and are very welcoming of filmmakers whatever the level of experience they hold.


The production, “SCRABLE”, in the marketplace would be seen as a low-budget, independent short film. However, this shouldn’t stop it from doing well in the festival circuit as it is a well thought out and important film, about the decline of an elderly woman’s mental health, as she is suffering with dementia. The film itself is yet to be completed as the production ran into funding issues. However, I have the utmost confidence that the film will look good and deliver a good message to it’s audiences.


Reflective Analysis (500w)

As production assistant during the audition process, I feel like I did a very good, professional job. I feel like I learned a lot about the audition process, as I had never held auditions before and had never attended auditions before. So this was a real eye opener for me to see how auditions are held. I felt that this was definitely a great experience for me that I will take into my professional career as I aspire to be a director, I will be needing to hold auditions quite regularly when casting roles in my films. Now after experiencing this I will be able to run my auditions in a very seamless way and make sure everything runs smoothly.


Also after working under Anthony for this time I was able to see how other directors work, to know if what I am doing on set as a director is the correct thing was a really good experience for me. I looked at what he did and almost studied his onset mannerisms and try to mirror them myself as he managed to get the most out of his actors, which is something that I feel all directors should be able to do, to try and command the best performance possible from their talent.


As a runner I learned a lot of on-set etiquette, it was my first time being on a professional set, so at first I was nervous but once I was over the initial nerves I managed to work calmly and with great confidence in my abilities. Even though I was only a runner on set, I was tasked with many things that helped me understand the workings of a professional working film set.


However, there were some times on set, where people would be messing around and not doing their specified jobs. This may have been due to the very small space in which the short film was being filmed in, however, even though some people weren’t being professional as I expected, the shoot wasn’t running behind time.


All in all I believe that my experience working on “SCRABLE” will last with me the rest of my filmmaking career, and I will use every ounce I learned on that set and take it with me into any future productions I am involved with.

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